A bit of me: In 2003, my interest in betting peaked when I became involved with an arbitrage betting community. Alongside that, I always had a keen interest in working out how to beat the bookies. I now believe that finding value is the best approach. My daily routine involves an early morning wake-up call to scour papers websites and local news, to find anything that may be relevant to the leagues I tend to focus on. One way to identify value in my opinion is to assess whether or not relevant news/team news has been factored in to the odds. If it hasn’t, there may be value. I also use statistical analysis, creating my own betting odds to suggest when the bookmakers odds hold value. I work throughout the week on a number of leagues so there is no set day or time I will share picks. I prefer a professional approach so we will be placing all single picks, focusing on the asian handicap market mainly. Occasionally I will use leagues from around Europe and Brazil if I find value, but my native Portugal is where I like to focus my efforts. Most of my tips come from Portugal. I believe a 30/40 unit bankroll should be sufficient. I advice that you flat stake one unit per bet, just as I do. Our aim is to win through value so it’s very important to stake the same amount on higher odds as you do the lower odds. We will profit through value.

Jan 2019
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