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Volleyball odds can be tricky because not even the implied probability of an event can accurately predict its outcome. Nevertheless, it’s known that the presence of star players, as well as that of quality reserves and good runs of form, are the biggest factors in calculating volleyball odds. Watch out for injury-prone players, take a look at each game and be ready to cash out if you see your favourites falling behind 2:0 or more. Don’t take too many risks and mix things up, just to establish consistency for your bankroll.

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What Does It Take to Find the Best Volleyball Odds

‘Volleyball odds’ is a phrase you would usually hear only from a punter who’s passionate about giving their bankroll any sort of boost. This makes sense because the sport itself doesn’t have as many fans like football, basketball, or even cricket has. However, there is a little thing called the Pareto Principle. According to this rule, niches like volleyball odds are easier to profit from because they’re less popular. The fewer people bet on a sporting event, the harder it is for the odds to be precise.

That’s why volleyball odds are getting more popular with each day - you can find some juicy lines, even for bigger competitions. Not a lot of people are knowledgeable about the sport, so bets are usually all over the place. To help you navigate the chaos that is volleyball odds, we’ve created this guide. It should be able to help you bolster your betting slip and improve the balance of your online sportsbook accounts.

How Are Volleyball Odds Calculated?

Volleyball odds are calculated and posted by professional oddsmakers. Their work involves following the global volleyball scene and using all available data to determine the ‘implied probability’ of a certain outcome.

Implied probability is a term inherently connected to volleyball odds, and it basically means the following: given the available statistical data, the likeliness of an event occurring is high. Remember, even low volleyball odds don’t mean that something will happen without a shred of doubt. Instead, it uses a pattern, inputted into various forms of software, to determine how big of a return on that particular outcome, or market, will be.

Low volleyball odds, in the ballpark of 1.01-2.50 (or lower, depending on who you ask), signify that you’re betting on a sure thing. On the other hand, higher odds mean that the market is a ‘longshot’, hence why the maximum potential winnings are higher.

As there are a plethora of volleyball odds for just about every facet of the game, we wanted to know what they all have in common. We were curious about the main sources of information oddsmakers use to calculate their lines. After some debating, we came up with the following four factors:

  1. Recent form. When looking for the best volleyball odds, you should always look up the recent forms of both teams involved in the match. This factor goes both ways, as even the longest streak can come to an end precisely because of a team’s fatigue. If you’re using volleyball odds comparison tools at Bettingmetrics , don’t focus on the highest odds. Instead, aim for a team that’s won 4-5 straight.
  2. Standout players. Volleyball odds are always more team-oriented that football or basketball lines. However, oddsmakers do observe the performances of star setters and liberos, for instance. If a team is equipped with two or more standout performers, then the odds will be skewed their way. When you look for today’s volleyball odds, also focus on team cohesiveness. That’s how you find mishaps by oddsmakers.
  3. Depth. Volleyball odds aren’t impacted only by stars present on a certain team. In fact, there are many times where national teams and CEV Champions League contenders are not highly rated because their reserves are abysmal. Unbeknownst to most, even the best volleyball odds can’t predict things such as the match going to four or five sets. In these situations, it’s crucial to have competent players on the bench. Oddsmakers don’t always care about this, so you’ll be able to find some juicy volleyball betting odds to solidify your risk-averse slip.

While these factors are the basis of all volleyball odds, there are so many other variables that can be considered. For instance, some arenas have lower ceilings, which might impact the serve of certain players. In order to find the absolute best volleyball odds, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all these factors. However, the most important aspect of volleyball odds is their movement potential.

How Do Volleyball Odds Move?

Volleyball odds, like all sports betting lines, move when a particular occurrence or event has ramifications on a certain market. After all, volleyball is a sport that values intangibles, which means that it’s wise to look at the situation beyond what’s ‘on paper’. With that being said, oddsmakers observe the volleyball odds they post, adjusting them whenever they deem fit.

While most volleyball odds are initially posted with the average difference between our top 20 bookmakers at Bettingmetrics being 0.09, movements are when bigger gaps occur. That’s why you should know how to predict movements in volleyball odds, as well as how to cope with them. To assist you in doing so, we’ve isolated the most common reasons for odds moving:

  • Injuries. Ankle, knee, and back injuries have been the bane of volleyball odds enthusiasts for years. If a team is a favourite to win the game, the loss of their best player could very much sway the odds for any betting slip. Following the status of injury-prone players is, in fact, going to help you pick proper volleyball odds on a daily basis.
  • Unexpected falling behind. In big tournaments, teams often have to play two games in two days. There have been situations where volleyball odds have moved significantly if a favourite had to play five sets the day before. Fatigue is a real factor in this sport, due to the constant jumping and lateral movement. Therefore, you should always look to predict near-upsets when searching for volleyball odds.
  • Weaknesses being revealed. It’s no secret that some coaches aren’t the best tacticians, especially when facing certain types of offensive and defensive sets. With that being said, all it takes is one set for the oddsmakers to notice this and change their volleyball odds.
  • Bettingmetrics Insight

    To aid you in the process of learning the ins and outs of volleyball odds, we’ve decided to tackle some lesser-known issues. Throughout our period of research for this particular guide, we’ve noticed that many oddsmakers, experts, and punters willingly ignore several important factors when judging their volleyball odds. Here’s how to stay vigilant:

    1. Have risky volleyball odds be no more than 1/3 of your entire slip/acca. Even if you’re the surest man on this side of the Atlantic, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Stick to what suits you best.
    2. We’ve noticed that most of our volleyball odds experts at BettingMetrics recommend a minimum 1-month preparation period before you start betting on a particular volleyball league. Research the previous seasons too, as you may notice a lot of patterns emerging.
    3. Wait for the ideal volleyball odds instead of filling up your slip with rubbish. We know how hard it is to resist a potential shoo-in, but don’t mingle with leagues or tourneys you haven’t prepared for. Follow your favourite comps and use Google Calendars or a similar app to remind you of upcoming games and betting options.

    Betting on Volleyball can be a very lucrative opportunity sometimes it is difficult to understand how the odds are calculated and why they are moving. Although we have covered all the major points related to volleyball odds we would expect some bettors simply to not bother learning about volleyball odds. If you are among this group of punters which there is nothing wrong with it, we strongly suggest you check our volleyball tips provided by verified and knowledgeable tipsters.