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eSports odds have always been difficult to calculate because few people specialize in certain games. Nevertheless, there are common factors that can help you learn about game-specific variables. A key part of understanding eSports odds is studying how they move, all while reinforcing your logical thinking with statistical data. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can expand upon your preferences and make the whole betting process much more enjoyable. It might take a lot of work, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t give eSports betting a chance

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Understanding the Inner Workings of eSports Odds

A long time ago, eSports odds was a term only used when talking about small-time illegal bookmakers in the early 2000s. Near the end of the decade, PCs and consoles became more accessible and significantly cheaper, and eSports (short for electronic sports) became a legitimate profession. Long gone were the days of casual gaming. The best of the best had their eyes on the biggest tournaments and bookmakers started rolling out eSports odds on a regular basis.

While eSports odds are certainly enticing enough even for traditionalists to give them a chance, they can be confusing at times. We at BettingMetrics felt that no punter should be devoid of the chance to find the best eSports odds, so it was only right for this guide to be created. In it, you’ll find everything you need about this uncanny sports betting niche, as well as some exclusive insights from our team of experts.

How Are eSports Odds Calculated?

eSports odds are, just like odds for every other sport, calculated and posted by professional oddsmakers. However, a single bookie’s eSports odds section is most likely the result of several oddsmakers joining forces, as we’re not talking about a single sport. As ‘eSports’ is an umbrella term for all interactive, controllable video content, it includes a plethora of games with different rules, fantasy worlds, and just about everything else. Thus, calculating eSports odds is a challenge from the very beginning, mainly due to so many different markets existing.

This doesn’t mean that eSports odds are inherently faulty, but it can lead to situations where it’s hard to get an exact estimate, and you’re left with some juicy odds in your slip. To fully understand eSports betting odds, it’s best that we separate the variables in play into two categories.

  • General competitive variables
  • Game-specific variables

All eSports odds depend on general competitive variables in order for a maximum number of markets to be established. They serve as a basis and pertain to bets such as who will win, who will reach the objective first, who will score the first kill/goal, etc. As far as eSports odds go, there are probably the best verified and have the most coverage out of all markets available for a game.

When it comes to game-specific variables, these are the most volatile. Even if bookmakers offer eSports odds for these detail-based markets, they come in the form of approximate estimates. This occurs because it’s very difficult to determine the exact probability of something happening, especially in first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. eSports odds for these markets are all over the place and can be a nice addition to your slip. If you know your stuff, that is, alternatively you can sit back, relax and start following an eSports tipster who is aware of everything that needs to be known.

In order to properly focus on one or two games, it’s important to understand how eSports odds for more general markets are calculated. We won’t get into details about all the popular games, but our team at Bettingmetrics succeeded in narrowing things down to factors that all games have in common:

  1. Team cohesiveness. When we’re talking about eSports odds for multiplayer games, it’s important to look at how different players work as a team. In League of Legends, one player can be a superstar, but he or she will perish if their teammates can’t support him effectively, in any and all situations. Frankly, not all eSports odds are affected by this variable, which makes it so fun to analyze. In first-person shooters like CS: GO, a single player can take out an entire team due to great placement, strategy, and being in a vantage point. Before you choose to include the best eSports odds into your slip, think about the importance of teamwork in said game.
  2. Recent form. When you’re a competitor, the way you’ve played recently tells a lot about the probability of you scoring another win or not. eSports odds reflect this very well, with high-risers being spotted early on. If you don’t want to cover big tournaments like the DOTA 2 World Championship, you can easily find today’s eSports odds for some less-coveted competitions and enjoy the lack of reliability. Less research and analytics about lower levels means that you can win big on someone that’s a sure thing. Some eSports odds don’t even consider form as an important factor.
  3. Experience in big games. Sometimes, you just want to use eSports odds comparison tools to gain better insights about the most important showdowns. That’s okay because, honestly, it’s boring to bet for numbers instead of doing so for sheer entertainment. If you’re analyzing a particular market, check to see how both players/teams have fared in similar situations. Do they crack under pressure? Have they performed any comebacks recently? All of this determines eSports odds in just about every game.
  4. Playstyle(s). Every game features top professionals developing their own distinct playstyles. In the NBA 2K League, there are teams who play more offensively, while others focus on protecting the paint. eSports odds for the biggest competitions take into consideration how two teams match up against one another, but this is most often not the case. If you watch previous streams and highlights of a player/team, you’ll know how to find great eSports odds.

Once you know how to pinpoint these factors, mastering eSports odds will be just around the corner. Since so many games are played competitively, you have to find a maximum of three titles (from multiple genres, for variety’s sake) and apply your knowledge to eSports odds centred around less-coveted markets for these games.

How Do eSports Odds Move?

eSports odds move when the implied probability of a certain outcome is skewed by an important or less-important occurrence. These occurrences can relate to individual players, competitions, game updates, and so many other things specific to a particular game. Most oddsmakers for eSports odds post their lines and markets 2-3 weeks before games. In that period before the match takes place, they will follow each market closely and make changes to the lines whenever something significant happens.

The thing is, different bookmakers are supplied by different oddsmakers, which results in eSports odds being visibly different from site to site. These opinions all depend on what each oddsmaker thinks is a worthy reason to move, or what kind of software they use. We at BettingMetrics always like to get to the bottom of things, and eSports odds are no different. That’s why we cross-referenced more than 20 titles and decided that the most important causes for eSports odds movement are:

  • A weakness has been found. Over the course of large tournaments, eSports odds are put under a microscope because everything is one big test for the team/player. In the early stages of the competition, it’s possible for weaknesses to appear. In the blink of an eye, both fans and experts will pinpoint them and eSports odds will be changed promptly.
  • Comebacks in recent matches. Believe it or not, if a team is known to stage comebacks every now and then, eSports odds will reflect that tendency. Oddsmakers will notice how teams show the ability to get out of the gutter quickly, so it’s possible to see movements because of this particular factor. However, you should only pick eSports odds that are surefire mistakes, given the fact that comebacks might start happening at literally any moment.
  • Additions and departures. eSports teams have become legitimate companies in recent years, with players having lucrative contracts. eSports odds often reflect the magnitude of this sort of market, as they are quickly moved whenever a team makes a change in its roster. Even legendary squads such as Fnatic have shown signs of weakness whenever they made a major roster change. Follow the news and you’ll know how these alterations affect eSports odds.

Of course, eSports odds are also affected by game-specific changes. However, things like this happen rarely nowadays, mostly because many publishers and developers are wary of ‘shocking’ the community with changes that are too ‘aggressive’. Follow the developments behind each game and you’ll be able to sniff out the best eSports odds on the market.

Bettingmetrics Insights

Because eSports odds are such a vast niche, you need to look as deep as possible if you want to improve your bankroll and make all the right decisions. To help you choose a particular eSports niche or game to focus on, we’ve assembled a list of key pointers:

  • Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the game you’re betting on. Great eSports odds are useless if you don’t know how to use them. That’s why you should be patient and read up on online guides and learn how eSports odds are calculated.
  • Choose first-person shooters for live betting. The best eSports odds can be found in games that feature a lot of crazy feats and comeback. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of certainty - embrace it instead.
  • Don’t hesitate to combine eSports odds with traditional sports. Remember - sports betting is all about winning and it’s your duty to ensure that happens. Use all your knowledge about football and basketball, all while rounding up your slips with eSports odds from BettingMetrics.
  • Be moderate in the beginning. Since eSports odds are so easy to calculate wrongly, most punters get carried away and start spending too much money on wagers. Always have a budget and don’t bet to achieve goals. It’s basically getting yourself out of a hole, without caring about which eSports odds you’re using.