Bettingmetrics Free Tipsters Competition Rules

1. Next competition starts on the 1st of August and it will last for 60 calendar days. Every time the competition starts you will be informed via email.
2. You can join Bettingmetrics free tipster competition after it has already started.
3. You are only allowed to have one tipster account per person.
4. Reward distribution.
PositionFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceForth PlaceFifth Place
5. In order to avoid people trying to take financial advantage of the free tipster competition Bettingmetrics applies fair stake size standards. Bettingmetrics fair stake size standards are mandatory for all participants. Please read the below table and make sure you fully understand the stake size standard policy. If you have any questions please do email us.
Odds sizeStake allowed
Odds < 2.75Max stake of 10 units
2.75 <= odds < 3.00Max stake of 9 units
3.00 <= odds < 4.00Max stake of 8 units
4.00 <= odds < 5.00Max stake of 7 units
5.00 <= odds < 7.00Max stake of 6 units
7.00 <= odds < 8.00Max stake of 5 units
8.00 <= odds < 9.00Max stake of 4 units
9.00 <= odds < 11.00Max stake of 3 units
11.00 <= odds < 13.00Max stake of 2 units
13.00 <= odds < 15.00Max stake of 1 units
15.00 <= odds < 20.00Max stake of 0.5 units
20.00 <= odds < 50.00Max stake of 0.25 units
50.00 <= oddsMax stake of 0.10 units
6. The tipster who will win the monthly challenge will be the one who has managed to generate the most profit during the competition period (Only tipsters with positive profit are eligible for the financial reward). In case there are two or more people with the exact same profit then the winner will be chosen based on his ROI. In case the ROIs are exactly the same the financial reward will be equally distributed among the tipsters with the same figures.
7. We advise all tipsters taking part of the competition to avoid speculative behaviour and constantly place bets with large stakes (8/10, 9/10, 10/10). Tipsters identified to have such a prise hunting behaviour will be warned and if nothing changes will be penalised or even removed and banned from the free tipster competition.
8. In order to be eligible for the monthly financial reward you have to have at least 30 bets for the period of 60 calendar days while the competition lasts.
9. It is not mandatory but we strongly advice to publish your tips at least an hour before the start time of the event, so your followers have enough time to place their bets. By doing that you ensure happy followers and dramatically increase your chances of gaining new subscribers and maximizing your profits from subscription fees.
10. Tipsters are limited to publishing up to 15 tips per day, to ensure high quality and avoid speculative behaviour. If you have specific needs and want to publish more than that, please contact us in order to whitelist your account.
11. Tipsters are advised to always accompany their tips with analysis that clearly underlines the reason behind the selection.
12. Analysis to each tip should be unique. We do not encourage copying analysis already used by you or other tipsters. In case we spot a trend where a tipster is continuously using the same analysis restriction or even exclusion may apply.
13. Currently there is no minimum word requirement for analysis of each tip. However we advise to add at least 50 words worth of analysis to all of your tips.
14. Trying to duplicate or copy other tipsters work and analysis it is not acceptable. All tips posted as part of the Bettingmetrics free monthly tipster competition are checked by an algorithm and a human. Anyone caught cheating or taking unfair advantage of the competition will be punished even further it can result in permanent account termination.
15. All analysis supporting tips must be written in English.
16. In order to ensure fair competition and 100% transparency only tips that are available in Bettingmetrics database are allowed.
17. Outright bets and other long terms bets that cannot be settled within the time range of the monthly competition are not allowed.
18. In addition to the standard terms and conditions of Bettingmetrics while you are using Bettingmetrics software you agree to grant us full, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide, license to use, modify, publish, copy and share the content generated by you including but not limited to tips, analysis, visuals or any other texts, materials and content through any media anywhere.
19. In case there are any disputes, errors or other issues Bettingmetrics administrator will manually review the case and decide what needs to be done. Bettingmetrics keeps the right to always make the final decision.
20. Bettingmetrics keeps the right, to adjust, change, switch, add or remove any rules at any time.
21. Tipsters are not allowed to publish more then 1 tip per event. Any other behavior will be considered as speculative and will be penalized by Bettingmetrics. An automated check will be added that will not allow you to post more than 1 tip per event.
22. All tipsters are required to publish their tips before the kick off time of the game.
23. if we notice any sort of attempt to abuse the system, we will investigate the account and if we confirm speculative behavior the account will be penalized or event banned from the competition.
24. A manual account review can take up to two working weeks.

Bettingmetrics Free Tipster Competition Reward Payment

Once the monthly competition finishes and the winner is announced we will need some personal information in order to proceed with the payment. All the information provided will be used with accordance to Bettingmetrics privacy policy.

1. Once the competition finishes the winners will be contacted within 5 working days via email.
2. Payments can be made only via PayPal and Skrill.
3. In order to ensure that we will be sending the money to the right person we will request some additional information from you that include the following:
- Your tipster user name
- Your full name
- Your date of birth
- The email you used to register with Bettingmetrics
- Your PayPal/Skrill email
It is the winners responsibility to reply to Bettingmetrics with the above information. There is a deadline to reply to Bettingmetrics – the deadline is 3 working days from the date of receiving the email! It is the winners’ responsibility to check their spam inbox and make sure they reply with the above information in a timely manner. In case they fail to provide Bettingmetrics with the above information within 3 working days from receiving Bettingmetrics email tipsters risk to lose their reward.
4. The financial reward given to the winning tipsters is taxable. It is the winner’s obligation to report the winning amount to the tax authorities in the country they are based. It is not Bettingmetrics responsibility to report the winning amounts to the tax authorities of winners countries.

Bettingmetrics Free Tipster Competition – Risk Disclaimer

1. Please note that any previews, tips, recommendations or information available on the Bettingmetrics website is just with informative purpose. All betting activities do involve risk, please only bet with funds that you can afford to lose. Bettingmetrics cannot be held responsible for any gains or losses occurred as a consequence of information found on the Bettingmetrics site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to
2. Please note that past performance of tipsters featured at Bettingmetrics market place and Bettingmetrics free tipster competition leader board is not indication of future results or profits. Bettingmetrics supplies a place to track the performance of a tipster, see their historical results, and latest tips. Bettingmetrics does not promote betting with real money based on information acquired from a tipster featured at Bettingmetrics market place and free tipster competition leader board, but not limited to and cannot be held responsible for any losses due to acting on the information available.
3. All betting activities and actions a user takes based on information acquired from Bettingmetrics site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to should be carefully considered realising the strengths and weaknesses of past performance based statistics. Bettingmetrics site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to do not provide investment advice.
4. We work hard to ensure that all information provided on Bettingmetrics site is reliable, accurate and not misleading. We do not guarantee by all means that the information found on the site is accurate and decisions can be made based on it. Always confirm the information/content by various sources before taking any further action.