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How a Welcome Bonus Improves Your Gaming Experience

Playing with a welcome bonus is about the best gift a punter can get. Why exactly? The answer is simple - it’s a second chance. Being devoid of a welcome bonus leads to placing bets under stress, which hinders your ability to make the right choice. One wrong train of thought and - poof! Your money is gone. When you take into consideration that you haven’t had experience with that particular UI, a welcome bonus makes even more sense. has perfected it.

With a balanced welcome bonus roster, this beloved bookie is a great place to learn the ins and outs of gaming. In this article, we’ll analyze some of the best welcome bonus offers, how to claim them and how exactly do they benefit you.

The Nitty-Gritty: What’s the Best Welcome Bonus?

To determine the best available promotion, you only need to take a look inside yourself. As silly as it sounds, it’s all really up to you. Since has a dedicated casino section in addition to its sportsbook, you just need to make a simple choice. Therefore, you can decide whether you want to try your luck at Premier League bets or spinning the roulette wheel once or twice.

The welcome bonus roster is constantly changing and it took a lot of time to track all the available offers. Nevertheless, we’ve found two candidates that are more than worthy contenders for the title of the best welcome bonus. Here are the big boys:

£10 Free Bet: the Sports Betting Welcome Bonus

Looking at this welcome bonus, it’s easy to think that it’s more complicated than your average promotion. This is mostly because of the added step of placing a bet. We, however, believe that this is a great way to learn how taking a punt works on To be able to feel comfortable, you can use the welcome bonus to get used to the interface and master all the paths to your desired sections and features. For going through this short process, you get a £10 free bet.

In addition to the educational part, this welcome bonus also lets you learn a bit about higher-risk betting, as the minimum odds required for your first bet are 1.80. It’s not something we would call outrageous, but it’s definitely far from a sure thing. Moreover, you can also entertain the thought of adding Bettingmetrics football predictions to the mix. Football predictions and tips are in the arsenal of every seasoned punter and the sooner you learn about them, the better.

You can’t combine this welcome bonus offer with any other promotion or even cash. Just use it in a period of seven days and you’re good to go.


Popular For Horse RacingFair OddsGood Customer Service

New customers. 18+. Applies to the first settled bet. Applies to the losing bets only. Bonus paid as a Bonus token. Min. Odds - 2.00. Min. Stake £10. No E-wallets. 18+. T&C Apply.

100% Deposit Match: the Casino Welcome Bonus

First of all, we have to say that the wagering requirements for this welcome bonus are quite reasonable. We didn’t expect to see a 40x rate. Most other gaming brands offer a number in the ballpark of 60x and 80x, so this is a nice thing to see. The next great thing about the welcome bonus is the lack of limitations. Even the most lucrative casino promotions limit you to 10-15 slot games and a few versions of roulette. At, you can literally spend your rewards on any game, except live baccarat.

Deposit £10 or more and you’ll get a 100% match on your initial deposit. The maximum reward amount caps out at £138 and we can’t say we don’t love the subtle branding. All in all - this welcome bonus is easy to claim and much more lenient than the rest.

How Difficult Is It to Claim the Welcome Bonus?

The process is in line with the industry standard and it doesn’t differ from any other welcome bonus from a prominent brand. Just create an account, fill out the registration sheet and keep track of the requirements. Once you fulfill them, you’ll see the reward in your account almost instantly. Also, keep in mind that deposits from e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and others don’t count towards the welcome bonus requirements.

How Do I Benefit from Playing with a Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is somewhat of an overlook aid for gamers from around the world. To help you understand its beneficial effect, we’ve divided it into three separate traits:

  • Education. With a welcome bonus, inexperienced bettors can learn all about special bets, accas and other things.

  • Friendship. Having house money to spend while out with the lads makes predictions even more fun than before.

  • Stress-relief. The presence of a welcome bonus helps you to stop thinking about money and if you’re going to win. You can focus on the thrill!

138 - DEPOSIT BONUS 2020

Why Every Punter Needs to Try Out the Deposit Bonus

After dominating the Asian market for a long time, joined the UK fold in 2012, after they’ve obtained an Isle of Man license. Since then, they’ve amassed quite a deposit bonus roster. This has been an instrumental part of their approach to attracting customers and has, obviously, worked like magic. With a deposit bonus, you get a new outlook towards an activity that you already know and love so much.

Today, we intend to analyze the beneficial effects of a deposit bonus on any punter. It’s also in our intention to see what kinds of deposit bonus offers are there and what kind of terms and conditions they have. You’ll learn a lot and get a chance to have fun.

The Big Boys: Looking Through the Deposit Bonus Roster is known for having a constantly rotating deposit bonus portfolio, so you never really know what to expect. At any given moment, they can switch things up and completely change the landscape of their offers. Today, most deposit bonus promotions from revolve around redeeming codes and simple requirements. Don’t worry, you won’t have to scour the four corners of the internet to find them - we have them right here.

Since there are several offers at any given time, we wanted to find the very best deposit bonus for you. Due to the existence of the casino section at, we had no choice but to present an offer for all you blackjack and roulette aficionados. So, here are the two top contenders for the best deposit bonus crown and it’s totally up to you which one to choose: Deposit Bonus for Sports - £10 Free Bet

While this deposit bonus is far from traditional, the alterations in the claiming process make perfect sense when you take a closer look. To get a £10 free bet, you need to deposit upwards of £20 and actually create a bet slip. Why is this the case? Well, the purpose of every deposit bonus is to show new bettors around and get them acquainted with all the site’s features. In this case, being required to place a bet is actually a good thing. Various sites function in different ways, so this is a great way to get to know

The conditions aren’t too restrictive, to be honest. Each event on the acca has to have odds 1.80 or greater, which is a nice chance to up your winnings a bit. If the bet loses, you get £10 in free bets, which is a win-win situation if you ask us. With the deposit bonus, you will also learn the ropes of taking riskier punts, which every smart guy strives towards. For upping the ante a bit, Bettingmetrics football predictions are an excellent “cheat code”, which can help you get the best bang for your buck.


Popular For Horse RacingFair OddsGood Customer Service

New customers. 18+. Applies to the first settled bet. Applies to the losing bets only. Bonus paid as a Bonus token. Min. Odds - 2.00. Min. Stake £10. No E-wallets. 18+. T&C Apply. Deposit Bonus for Casino - £138 Maximum Deposit Match

Just like 22bet and other numerically-influenced gaming brands, has managed to use the number 138 as a form of shrewd advertising in this case. Since the £138 amount is more lucrative than most deposit bonus offers, it’s great to see this approach becoming more popular. The deal is simple - you make a deposit of at least £10 and you’ll get a 100% match, up to a maximum amount of £138.

As for the wagering requirements of this deposit bonus, 40x is better than most competitors. Usually, you’ll encounter 60x-80x limitations, so it’s an awesome promotion. Also, you can literally try out everything, as only live baccarat isn’t included in the deposit bonus wagering conditions.

How Hard Is It to Claim the Deposit Bonus?

Claiming the deposit bonus is very easy when you look at the gaming industry as a whole. You only need to fill out the registration sheet on the home page and read the terms and conditions. It’s simple as that - fulfill the requirements and the deposit bonus money will be deposited to your account.

How Does the Deposit Bonus Benefit Players?

When discussing the benefits of any deposit bonus, we like to separate its value into three categories. Each one is equally important:

Social benefits. Having a deposit bonus makes time spent with your mates more exciting - you can back up your claims with the house money that you received.

Psychological benefits. As it eradicates betting-caused stress, a deposit bonus preserves the sharpness of your mind so that you can make excellent predictions.

Educational benefits. If you’re a rookie punter, having fun with house money is an ideal opportunity to learn about different markets

138 - BONUS CODE 2020

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Using a Bonus Code is a Great Idea and Here's Why

The bonus code started off as a novelty concept in the early days of the iGaming industry. As more sportsbooks turned to the digital side of things, they needed a method of attracting customers. Since most punters are hesitant to spend a lot of money their first time, the bonus code was born. It became an essential way of showing off all the features and offers to players, causing everyone to launch a bonus code system. is no different.

Today, you’re going to learn about the contents of a bonus code, as well as how to claim it. It’s definitely a worthy candidate for your next great sports betting or casino gaming tool, depending on your preference.

What’s in the Bag: Analyzing the Bonus Code Offer

Adopting a site aesthetic reminiscent of early 20th-century Asian gaming stores, has become one UK’s most beloved bookmakers. With their bonus code roster constantly changing, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the best promotions. While the abundance of incentives is impressive, punters often find it confusing to have to constantly check whether a new bonus code is out.

Therefore, we’ve decided to help you pick the right bonus code for your gaming needs. It was tough to decide which is the clear-cut best offer, so we decided to cover the two best candidates. One is for the casino section while the other caters to sports betting aficionados. Without further ado, here they are: Bonus Code for Sports Betting - Bet £20, Get £10

Code: Bet £20, Get £10

For this particular bonus code, is using an interesting approach. Instead of just having you deposit money, the bookie is urging you to play and see what’s all the fuss about. By placing an actual bet on a sporting event, you learn how to create a slip and place wagers. Afterwards, you get a chance to replicate that knowledge and have some fun with house money. That’s far from a bad bonus code deal.

You have to make a minimum deposit of £20 and if the bet loses, you’ll get a £10 free bet. To qualify for the claiming of this bonus code, you need to add events that have odds upwards of 1.80. It’s a great introduction to higher-risk bets, followed by a reward that’s in line with industry standards. You can also spice the game up from the get-go and combine the bonus code with some Bettingmetrics football predictions. With a little knowledge, you can increase your chances of capitalizing on your bets.


Popular For Horse RacingFair OddsGood Customer Service

New customers. 18+. Applies to the first settled bet. Applies to the losing bets only. Bonus paid as a Bonus token. Min. Odds - 2.00. Min. Stake £10. No E-wallets. 18+. T&C Apply. Bonus Code for Casino Games - Deposit Match, Up to £138

Code: Deposit Match, Up to £138

In the case of this bonus code, we have a nice bit of branding in the shape of a maximum £138 bonus payout (looking at you, 22bet). It’s definitely one of the most lucrative casino bonus code offers and we also love all the less-noticeable details. The 40x wagering requirement is pretty reasonable, compared to the usual 50x 60x promotions we tend to see.

Additionally, you have a £5 limit for every bet, which prevents you from blowing your entire bonus code reward in one afternoon. actively promotes responsible gaming and this limitation can help prevent any potential problems. There are also almost no limitations, with live baccarat being the only game which doesn’t count toward the bonus code requirements.

DISCLAIMER: Both of these bonus code offers don’t work with e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller so be carefu