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Free golf betting tips that will make you like the game. Our golf tipster know how to find value betting opportunities and they are quick enough to share them with you. Our golf tips are designed to help you improve your betting results while watching the game.

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Golf Betting Tips Intro

Golf betting industry is expanding on a daily basis, and this is not surprising, because the sport stepped out from its traditional framework - the USA and the UK, this is what made it a favourite betting sport for punters' from all over the world. Globally, there are over 34,000 golf courses, some of which host huge tournaments with many participants. As expected, the bookmakers took the opportunity and provide odds and betting markets for all possible events.

Due to the nature of the sport golf provides the punters with a lot of betting options that they can use to gain the desired edge over the bookies. Even more, to find a value betting opportunity is not as challenging task as with other sports such as football, because golf betting allows the punters to choose from dozens of tournaments and variety of betting markets each week. With so many tournaments and players to follow, selecting the right golf bet could become a burdensome task. That's why many punters who aim to enjoy both watching the events and placing winning bets are looking to find the right golf betting tips for their betting adventure. The punters' demand for golf betting tips is so huge that made some of the tipsters who have been focused on sports such as football or horse racing, to redirect their full attention towards golf. Many of the tipsters are taking care of their followers with in-depth golf analyses, helpful strategies, and comparing many bookmakers' websites in order to select the optimal odds. With providing golf betting tips with comprehensive details about the tournament and golf players, advising where to get the highest odds, the professional golf tipsters differ from those who just bet for fun.

Besides, if you decide to follow verified tipsters and use their golf betting tips, you could have a wheel of time for your personal life while you are placing potentially winning tips.

Why using golf betting tips is advantageous?

Golf is an exciting game and influences many punters and their betting behavior. By analyzing the web and the search queries we have encountered an increase with about 10% of people searching for golf tipsters and golf betting tips. We trust the trend will continue and there will be more and more punters betting on golf. Although there are so many golf betting tips around, sorting the right ones is the tricky moment if you want to achieve long term profits in betting.

That's why if you want to be provided with valuable suggestions, follow only verified tipsters who know what they are doing and have plethora of experience in the sports betting.

Furthermore, if you are excited to know more about the sport and its details before start placing any bets, we advise you to read our complete golf betting guide, which will ensure that you will receive the needed information to be able to control your golf betting activities.

We observe that in recent times more and more punters are looking to enhance their golf knowledge, to find a new golf tipster, or just take advantage of golf betting tips. We made some efforts, and we examined the most popular benefits of following golf betting tips.

Advantages of following golf betting tips

  1. Using someone's knowledge - If you are a punter who intends to go into golf betting and make winning bets by yourself, you have to be extra enthusiastic to learn more about the vast world of golf. You should be willing to do the hard work and learn the game. So, if you don't have that goal, but you still want to bet on golf, you can always follow a tipster and take advantage of his/her golf betting tips. Benefiting of an expert knowledge is always good regardless whether we are talking about golf tips or anything else.
  1. Save your time - By using golf betting tips you will make sure that you won't have to do any additional researches, which will allow you to focus on finding the best bookmakers' bonuses and odds, and that will make your golf betting more successful in the long term.
  1. Combining your knowledge with the experience of someone else’s -If you are a keen punter and you want to make larger bets and profits, you can use golf betting tips in order to combine them with your personal opinion. That will not only diversify your betting portfolio and spread the risk but it will also allow you to build golf accumulators that are indeed very risky but at the end of day can be very profitable.
  1. Players' form and tournaments variety - if you decide to use golf betting tips you could resolve two huge issues - what is the players' current form and which tournaments are more important. The tipsters usually follow the players and events closely for long years, and they possess an in-depth knowledge of facts, for example, they know when and why Rory Mcllroy would play more accurate or which tournament is more important for the golf stars - Dubai Desert Classic or PGA Championship. By using golf betting tips you can cash in on the valuable information provided by golf tipsters.
  1. Continuous tips - Usually, the golf season starts in September and finishes in September the next year. If you decide to follow a verified golf tipster who publishes his/her golf betting tips each week, you will ensure that you will be provided with valuable suggestions during the course of the entire year. Don't forget one of the golden rules in sports betting - the long-term approach is the winning strategy.

Common mistakes made while using golf betting tips!

Many punters are excited when they start placing golf bets, however, they often make some common mistakes. If you want to avoid them and make the most of the golf betting tips received here professional advice.

  1. Always place a bet on the favourite - Yes, the favourites win regularly, but the odds for them are very low and in favour of the bookmaker. Sometimes punters are placing high stakes on the favourites in order to generate quick profits. If for example, suddenly the favourite doesn't win, that could reflect heavily on your wallet. That's why we advise you to double-check the players' form, the tournament conditions and ensure the golf betting tips is valuable before placing a bet on the favourite. Even more, if you decide to take a more in-depth look at the other golf players, you will realise that many of them have good chances to win and the odds provided by the bookmakers are very beneficial.
  1. Not tracking your golf betting results - This mistake is commonly faced not only among the golf punters. Tracking your stats will help you to control your betting, you will make more wise betting decision in the near future, and it will give you the opportunity to reach bigger winnings. In addition, if you tracking a bunch of tipsters via an automated bet tracker, you can notice if someone is not performing well, and you can make the needed adjustment.
  1. Using only one bookmaker for placing the advised golf betting tips - If you receive golf betting tips for a low-level tournament which starts very soon, but your bookmaker isn't providing any markets for it, you will be in a disadvantageous position. The process to search the bookmakers, their markets, and to open an account could cost you odds reducing or market removing. That's why we suggest you to open at least 10 accounts in different bookmakers, which will ensure that you are ready if such an issue arises. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of various golf welcome offers and special bonuses for your betting, and through them boosting your bankroll would be easier.
  1. Following scammers for your golf betting tips - When trying to make great and fast winnings, some of the punters forget one of the most important betting rules - always follow only verified tipsters. Some of the scammers on the internet promise that they know how the event will finish by internal information. If you have an offer like that - reject it, your risk losing your money. No one is able to provide you with fixed results, and besides, it's illegal.
  1. Chasing your losses - This mistake is often observed because many punters place a bet immediately after losing one. If you receive a golf betting tip and it is not profitable, stop a little bit, reconsider your strategy or ask the tipster what happened, and then continue with placing bets. One more hint - always place your bets with money that you can afford to lose.

What type of golf betting tips can I find on Bettingmetrics site?

Bettingmetrics is a platform that provides to its verified tipsters the possibility to post a wide variety of golf betting tips. As we want to make our customers satisfied, we enabled the opportunity for each tipster to decide whether his/her tips should be free or paid. Of course, if a particular tipster decides to publish paid tips, he/she goes through additional security checks, which ensure that he/she is not a scammer.

Once you decide to take advantage of the tipsters' golf betting tips, you will find various types such as:

  1. Outright winner
  2. Runners-up suggestions
  3. Winning nationality
  4. Each way betting
  5. head-to-head tips
  6. Finally prop
  7. Which group of players will perform best throughout the tournament (Excellent market if you decide to bet on the underdog)
  8. Which players will make the cut, and many others