Hedging Calculator

Bettingmetrics hedging calculator will help you find out how much you have to back or lay in order to reduce your potential loss or lock your bet into guaranteed profit.

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All calculations are done automatically just fill the inputs

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How to use Bettingmetrics hedging calculator

As with all other calculators we have developed so far, our hedging calculator is simple and easy to use. Here is what you have to do in order to use our hedging calculator to do the math for you:

1. Add the stake in the cell called “Back Stake”

2. Add the odds where it says “Back Odds”

3. Once the above two are done add the lay odds and the exchange commission

4. Let Bettingmetrics hedging calculator do the job for you

All the computations are done automatically in just few seconds so you do not miss the betting opportunity. I suggest once you enter the above data to fully trust Bettingmetrics hedging calculator and simply follow the numbers.

What is hedging

Hedging is a betting approach used to minimize the loss or lock your bet into profit by using a combination of back and lay bets. Hedging is a betting strategy that is utilized by more advanced sports bettors. Here is an example of hedging your position so you are on profit regardless what happens:

You back the under 2.5 goals pre-game at odds 2.10 with £10 and you lay the under 2.5 goals selection in-play at odds of 1.8 with £11.54 regardless of the outcome you will be on profit of £1.54. I know the numbers look a little strange but do not worry I used Bettingmetrics hedging calculator above to derive the exact figures.

Our personal view is that with the right technology you do not have to have that much experience to start hedging your betting positions and lock into profits or simply minimize your losses.

The hedging strategy can be used both pre-game and in-play, for best results we suggest that you combine pre-game betting with in-play betting. As usual that will of course involve more risk but will also help you maximize your profits.