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Bettingmetrics free bet calculator will help you find out the actual profit you will make when taking advantage of the Bookmakers offers and free bets.

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How to use Bettingmetrics free bet calculator

Our automated free bet calculator is extremely easy to use, simply do the following and it will calculate everything for you:

1. Enter the stake

2. Enter the odds

Well this is everything you need, our free bet calculator will show you how much the profit will be in both scenarios – if stake returned or not.

What is Free Bet

I would believe that there is absolutely no way that you have never heard the term a free bet. Free bet is so widely used in the sports betting industry, all bookmakers are using various types of free bets to attract new customers.

Free bets are a type of bonus that bookmakers use in order to attract new customers to join their platform. Free bets are also used to keep loyal customers happy and active on the site. Most of the free bets will only return the profits which is where the tricky bit comes. For example if you place £10 free bet at odds 2 you will get back only the profit which in this case will be £10.

In some occasion finding out how much it will pay out if you win may be a little tricky this is the reason why we developed a free bet calculator that will help you always stay aware how much a free bet will return to you.