Dutching Calculator

Bettingmetrics dutching calculator is designed to help you quickly compute the stakes you have to use in order to ensure equal profits on multiple selections. For the ones that do not know what is dutching please read the below intro.

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All calculations are done automatically just fill the inputs

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How to use Bettingmetrics dutching calculator.

1. Enter the stake you are willing to risk. That will be the entire amount you will use for the bet. For example if you will be backing 5 selections with £2 each the total stake you will be risking is 5x2 = £10.

2. Add the odds opposite each selection.

3. Add the commission if applicable.

4. Our dutching calculator will compute with how much money you have to back each selection.

Really it is that simple, you do not have to do any complicated calculations at your end, you do not have to spend hours in research simply follow the above 4 steps and our dutching calculator will do the rest for you.

Do not worry there is no limitation of how many times you can use the calculator, it is completely free so feel welcome to use it as much as you need in order to maximize your chances of winning from dutching on sport events.

If you are new to dutching and still do not feel comfortable risking your hard earned cash we would advise you to have a look in our bookmaker offers page where you can find plenty of free bets and welcome bonuses that you can use in order to test some ideas.

Dutching explained

Dutching is a sports betting strategy used by punters in order to distribute the risk among more than one selection and maximize the chances of winning. When we are dutching we will be backing several selections in an event so regardless of the outcome the returns will be pretty much the same. Dutching is an approach that can be applied on events with markets with two or more selections. For example horse racing, correct score market on football betting and so on.

At first look, dutching may look as an easy way to make money from sports betting but this is not really the case. Although, you will be backing more possible outcomes you will be risking more money to win small amount of funds. If you have chosen a dutching strategy then you should have strong nerves and in some occasions you may be building your profits for a week even a month and lose all the profit generated in a single event.

The math behind dutching is not quite straightforward as you should consider both the odds and the commission if you are betting on the exchange which is often the case. Nevertheless we should not forget that we are living in the technology era and we can benefit from other people’s work. With other words we recommend using an automated dutching calculator instead of pen and paper.

Here at Bettingmetrics we have developed an automated dutching calculator that will compute everything for you. Our dutching calculator is easy to use and will compute the outcomes the potential profit and loss as well, based on the following parameters – your total stake, odds and commission (if applicable).