Why joining free tipster competition is a good decision

Sports betting on one hand can be a lucrative opportunity if you manage to connect all the dots together, but on the other, it does involve a significant amount of risk and exposes your finances at risk of losing them.

However, there are various strategies you can adopt in order to make money from sports betting by limiting the risk and still having lots of fun. For example, you can be doing matched or arbitrage betting where there is very little risk involved or take a part of free tipster competitions where you can win plenty of funds with literally no risk!

What is free tipster competition?

There are various websites online that are offering free tipster competitions with quite attractive rewards both in cash or free bets. But what is free tipster competition?

A free tipster competition is a way sports betting websites are making tipsters compete with each other. Usually, they are run for a pre-defined period of time, and the person with the highest profit at the end will win a share of either a financial reward or free bets in some bookmaker.

In order to take part in the free tipster competitions, you do not have to be an established tipster. You may be just starting with your sport tipping activities. In fact, joining free tipster competitions early in your career is a great way to build your track record and an audience that follows you.

Free tipster competitions are predominantly run on a monthly basis. However, there are some websites that are running annual free tipster competitions with a bigger financial reward.

Some online platforms are running free tipster competitions for specific sports only. For example, there could be a competition where people are only allowed to bet on horse racing events or football events. This is done in order to make the challenge fairer and identify the best tipsters for a given sport.

In most of the cases people that are taking part in free tipster competitions and manage to be successful and consistent in their results over a long period of time establish tipping services and enjoy a large number of followers.

All free tipster competitions offered by websites have different rules, terms and conditions. In order to avoid disappointments, I encourage anyone considering joining to fully read them and make sure they fully understand the rules of the game.

As I spent quite a lot of time analysing free tipster competitions what are the pros and cons of taking part of them I decided to list 5 reasons why you should join at least one free tipster competition. I personally believe that joining as many of them as possible is a wise and funny way to make some extra cash.

1. Joining free tipster competition is risk free

Joining a free tipster competition does not require you to put down any money. This is why it is called free but not paid. Therefore that is why I believe this to be the number one reason to join at least a few free tipster competitions.

There are various betting sites from all around the world that would pay healthy financial rewards to the top 10 places each month. By participating in a few competitions simultaneously, you may end up earning some decent monthly income by proving you are better than others.

It is a great way to diversify your portfolio a bit and earn some extra cash by simply proving your skills while having plenty of fun.

2. Joining free tipster competition will help you increase your followers

Free tipster competitions are popular among punters and websites that are offering them tend to have plenty of traffic. If you manage to continuously prove that you have a remarkable betting knowledge, you could steadily acquire a faithful fan base and future opportunities!

Converting people that already have been following your free advises for a couple of months into paid customers is much easier as they already know what to expect as well as they know that your service is what they are actually looking for. In today’s market which is extremely competitive and there are plenty of fake tipsters it is really difficult to build faithful followers and a free tipster competition is one great and potentially lucrative opportunity!

3. Free tipster competitions – great way to test your new betting strategy!

Building and testing new betting strategies is indeed a very long, difficult and stressful process. In quite a few occasions, you may be in a situation where you need an additional push to continue with your work.

Free tipster competitions are a great and engaging way to test your newly developed strategy. First, as I already mentioned, it does not require any funds to be risked. Second and perhaps equally important is the psychological element of the game – when you are competing with other people, you tend to be more disciplined than usual and stick to the plan. Last but not least, in case your strategy is profitable, you still have the chance to win and therefore get rewarded for your hard work.

4. Free tipster competitions – a fast way to build verified track record

Well let’s face it you may claim to be the best and most profitable tipster out there, but in case you do not have verified track record of your betting history very few people will be willing to pay for your advisory services!

Free tipster competitions are an absolutely great way to get your track record verified for free. Almost all websites offering free tipster competitions are collecting your track record during the competition period. Most of the websites also have plenty of rules and serious terms and conditions in place which ensure you do not cheat or take unfair advantage from the competition. Therefore punters who are visiting these sites feel comfortable analysing the track record of tipsters and are way more likely to trust you and as a consequence, pay for your services.

5. Get noticed by joining free tipster competitions

Being a tipster can be a very lucrative occupation. However, there are many people who developed profitable betting strategies, with a proven track record, but they do not feel comfortable exchanging their knowledge with others for money. There are various reasons for that. For instance, some do not feel emotionally comfortable when they hit a losing run and all punters who are following them start to bombardier them with emails and ask what is happening. In other cases, profitable betting strategies can be on lower football leagues where there is a small amount of liquidity and so on.

Nevertheless, tipsters who have developed profitable betting strategies more often than not are looking for someone to finance them on a profit share deal.

Joining a free tipster competition can be the right move in order to show your skills and get noticed. There are plenty of betting syndicates who are consistently looking to find the next big talent. Believe it or not their scouts are screening the websites that offer free tipster competitions to find people who have exceptional betting knowledge. So if you are looking for someone to finance your betting strategy joining a free tipster competition is certainly one very good way to gain more exposure.

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