It can be a bit of a Wild West, but the world of betting tips is a potentially lucrative one if you can find the right tipster with the right knowledge & insights. 

But what should you be looking for in a good set of betting tips? How can we take certain tipsters seriously? Here is what you should look at for when you are looking for betting tips on a Saturday morning:

Have they done their research on the betting tips!?

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What are the betting tips based on? Have they taken into account the plethora of factors that goes into determining the result of a game?

Taking form in football, for example, there is a huge range of different types of form that can influence the inclusion of a bet in a betting tips blog. Home form, away form, form against the opposition, historic form at a particular ground. These are just four factors that can go into the decision-making process. Throw in injuries, other competition commitments and general hearsay and you have a potential minefield. 

Make sure that the betting tips you plump for follow your betting ethos as closely as possible. Do you think that an away team’s historic results at their opponent’s stadium are pure coincidence or something more sinister? Whatever the answer is, go for a tipster who feels the same. You will feel more inclined to follow their betting tips, and you will do so knowing that the bet you place will still have your stamp on it, despite the outside influence.

Do the betting tips offer value?

The last thing you want to see when checking the latest betting tips is a list of lazy-looking selections. How can you spot betting tips that haven’t given much thought? Well, the devil is in the detail, or indeed the lack of it.

Anybody can predict a Manchester United home win against relegation fodder in the Premier League. It’s Manchester United, of course they are going to be favourites. Betting tips like that are great for improving the tipster’s win percentage record, but at odds in the region of 1/5 they go no way to bolstering your bank balance. To find the best betting tips you need to delve deep into the markets and use your knowledge of those markets – as well as the aforementioned research – to pick out the bets that offer a stronger return on investment.

I’m talking corners betting tips, anytime goalscorer punts, and even yellow card betting tips. These markets offer the marginal gains in the odds departments, and also show that the writer is taking their betting tips and your hard-earned money seriously. A bit of creativity can go a long way. Manchester United to win at Old Trafford is almost too short to bet on, so if your tipster can find slightly more lucrative betting tips that favour United and your margins, then you are halfway towards making a lot more money. 

Have YOU done YOUR research on betting tips?

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Tipsters are ten-a-penny. They are EVERYWHERE. It pays dividends to shop around in the search for quality betting tips. You could just stop by on the BettingMetrics site for day-by-day betting tips and previews ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia this summer. But if you have plenty of time on your hands, then there are ways to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Before you invest, use BettingMetric’s betting tracker to monitor the success and failure of various betting tips over a period of one month. In that time you will get a decent idea of who to follow over the course of an entire season. 

If you don’t want to wait so long, then simply go through the tipster’s last ten betting tips articles, and calculate the ROI based on £10 unit stakes. Then keep a running count of who is the most successful tipster on a week-by-week basis, keeping a watchful eye on any punters that are starting to hit a run of good form – and trust me – that does exist now and again!

Betting tips - Calculate the trust factor!

There is an array of tipsters out there, churning out a huge supply line of betting tips. However, you need to approach each tipster with caution. Some betting tips may appear appetizing on first glance, but you need to carefully analyze who the tipster is really working for. 

Betting tips articles make their money through affiliate links and the traffic – and eventual bets – they generate on the backend. Some of these tipsters are remunerated simply on a new customer registering and depositing with a bookmaker, while other more sinister betting tips make their money back based on the future losses of potential new players. 

It can be difficult to distinguish the two types of betting tips, but it all ties in with a couple of the previously mentioned points. Betting tips that clearly have little to no research applied to them clearly offer no value to the punter, meaning that the players who do take up the betting tips take the art of sports betting less seriously. That means only one thing – more friverlous betting habits and greater losses.

You don’t have to pay for betting tips

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Some tipsters make their money as Premium Tipsters who charge a subscription fee for their betting tips. But does that make those tips any more likely to win? Strictly speaking, no, but you can at least guarantee that you can tick off a few of the boxes mentioned in this blog. The betting tips should be crammed with research, and the marginal gains on offer make them an enticing proposition.

That said, there are more than enough free betting tips out there for you make a decent buck without eating into your profit by paying for the supply line. 

One final element to take into account when analyzing betting tips is the bookie they’re punting with. Check out our blog on how to select the best bookmakers, so you can maximize your earnings potential.

Do the betting tips offer value?

Have YOU done YOUR research on betting tips?

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You don’t have to pay for betting tips