We collaborated with Smart Betting Club to find the next tipster idols and after 3 months here are the winners that will split the £1700 in cash

It has been 3 very competitive months since we launched our free tipster competition in partnership with Smart Betting Club called “Tipster Idol”.

We have been through some ups and downs and certainly managed to improve Bettingmetrics software quite a lot thanks to all tipster around 300 who have signed up for this competition. The Tipster Idol competition has started on the 10th of March and it has finished on the 10th of June.

The tipsters that took place in the competition have placed all in total 12 844 of bets.

If you have followed all the tips published on Bettingmetrics site with a £20 or the equivalent currency in your own country you would have made £937.99 profit with a turnover of £256 000 and ROI of 0.37%.

Tipster competitions results on 10 June

The first 10 best tipsters based on their performance will share the financial reward in the following way:

1st place £600

2nd place £300

3th place £200

4th place £150

5th place £125

6th place £100

7th place £75

8th place £70

9th place £45

10th place £30

The financial reward is kindly provided by Bettingmetrics and Smart Betting Club.

The competition was extremely competitive and the overall feedback we received was positive and really rewarding for us. It has been 3 months of hard work as we did commit a lot of time and efforts to maintain high standards and rum smooth competition for everyone.

We will certainly be running a new competition and the dates are yet to be confirmed – we will announce the dates via email and will update the free tipster completion landing page. We will be introducing some further improvements with which we hope to make your journey even better.

We are confident tipster competitions are great way to find betting talents that can help regular punters to improve their betting results. All tipster competitions we will be organising in the future will of course remain free as we know how time consuming is to set up your own betting strategy that will produce profits.

Clearly we are giving away some decent cash amounts but certainly you can earn more funds from our platform. You can use the free tipster competitions as way to gain follows and build your betting history on our platform. Once you have proven your skills you can use Bettingmetrics market place to sell your tips and monetize on your knowledge even further.

Our market place is still in its early days so it may take some time to find the right people to pay for your tips. As with almost everything in the betting world being consistent is the key to finding new followers willing to pay for your service. Clearly, we have to improve our market place and we are working towards that direction so it is worth checking every now and then for some updates.

All tipster that are in top of the competition have professional approach to their betting activities and you can keep on following their tips even now after the competitions is finished. Furthermore, you can analyse in details their betting history thanks to our advanced analytics. All tipsters that finished in the top 10 are active on our site and most the tips they will provide are for free.

Below you can find the list of the top 10 tipsters from the last competition and how much units they have made as profit - simply click on the names to start following:

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