Track automatically your bets from BM odds comparison and market place, improved analytical section - 28.01.19

Track automatically all tips from Bettingmetrics market place!

We love data and we know how difficult and time consuming it could be to generate the right amount of information in order to withdraw statistically valuable conclusions. This is why you can now track all tips automatically from Bettingmetrics market place and add them to your bet tracker.

You can add all tips to your bet tracker by simply clicking the track now button under all tips in Bettingmetrics market place feed. It is really fast and easy to do process but it can have enormous value when analysing your results. Regardless whether you are following a tipster or you simply want to test follow him you can do that one click and add his tips to your bet tracker. We encourage people test tracking tipsters they are considering to follow. That can help a punter to decide whether a certain tipster is for them or not as it provides them with a first-hand experience of what it feels to follow someone else advice.

Bet from Bettingmetrics odds comparison and track automatically your bets!

One of the most requested features has recently been the ability to automatically import bets from bookmakers. Although we are working towards achieving that goal, it takes a little more time than planned as not all bookies are willing to provide their users with their betting history.

Therefore we found another way to automate the bet tracking process. Simply bet via Bettingmetrics odds comparison and all bets placed via our platform will be automatically added to your bet tracker with literally 0 efforts

In order to automatically add the bets to your bet tracker what you have to do is simply add the preferred bet to your bet slip and place the bet from Bettingmetrics. We will seamlessly add that to your bet tracker so you can stay on the top of you betting activities.

Improved analytics section

We have added the ability to analyse your performance by stake size. You can now see your betting results for each stake size as well as your hit rates for that given stakes. Combine that with additional data analysis and define whether you are betting with value or not. Optimise your money management and therefore maximise your betting performance.

Something else we added to Bettingmetrics dashboard is the functionality to track drawdowns of the tipsters you are following or your own strategies.

What is a drawdown? Drawdown is the difference between the highest and lowest point reached within a given time framework. For example a tipster who is 50 points in profit goes on a negative run and decreases its profits down to 30 points. The draw down would be a 20 points drawdown. This is an effective way for punters to understand that following tipsters is for the long term gain and that and negative runs do happen!

Combining drawdown analysis with observing the longest winning and losing streaks of a given tipster or a strategy can be extremely useful betting analysis to apply when deciding what money management you need to follow. Furthermore, by observing the drawdowns carefully you will be in a position that enables you to set up the right psychological expectations and it will be much easier to deal with negative runs.

Created slack

The whole philosophy behind Bettingmetrics is to serve great to the user and provide exceptional value to its everyday life. In order to optimise the communication and help people to exchange ideas and provide feedback we created slack public we created slack public chat room. Feel welcome to join, provide your feedback report bugs or simply suggest what features you want to see added to Bettingmetrics in near future. Follow this link to join.

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