Switch odds types, Bettingmetrics odds comparison and bugs fixed – release 01.08.2018

We are continuously working on improving Bettingmetrics functionalities and the customer service we provide. We have recently released a new version of Bettingmetrics that includes new features such as multiple odds formats, track commission paid in exchanges, bugs fixed and an alpha version of our odds comparison.

A feature that has been requested on multiple occasions from Bettingmetrics users was to have the capability to track the commission paid to exchanges, brokers and bookmakers. It is always important to say on the top of your finance and know how much money you have paid. Bettingmetrics will now not only settle your profit and loss correctly deducting the commission paid but will allow you to see how much you have spent on commissions. In order to do that do the following:

1. Log in to your Bettingmetrics account

2. Go to your betting dashboard

3. In the “Performance by sport, bookie, tipster “select form the drop down menu Bookmaker

By doing the above you should end up with the following information:

The “paid taxes” represent the aggregate number of funds you have spent on commission in that given exchange or bookmaker. Please note the commission is already deducted from you profit and loss. 

Another feature that we released with the update made on 1st of August is the ability to track tipster fees. We already mentioned numerous times that choosing a tipster is not an easy task. There are many tipsters out there who pretend to make you rich overnight but please do not trust them. Our mantra when choosing a tipster  "be cautious and data driven" – we have also wrote an extensive guide that aims to help you avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a tipster.

By tracking the fees you have paid to a tipster you can also get a realistic view of whether that person is actually making you money or simply throws dust in your eyes with some short term results. It is quite simply to add the fees in your Bettingmetrics account

1. Log in to your Bettingmetrics account

2. Go to Bankroll

3. Select tipster from the switcher located on the top

4. In the column “Fee” add the amount of funds you have paid to the tipster

5. In the column “Fee Type” indicate whether you are paying monthly or annually

This is what you should end with: