Introducing Staking Plans Simulator and Bookmaker Bonus Generator

We are getting closer to the Christmas period in which the productivity of people naturally slows down. However as we are 100% committed to become the place that combines all your betting activities in one place we have no plans to slow down our pace of improving Bettingmetrics, adding new features and helping punters make wise and data driven decisions. We have been working for a while on a few features that have not only been requested by punters but also will add lots of value to your betting life.

Bettingmetrics Odds Comparison

We are happy to announce that we have improved not only the design of our odds comparison but also added new functionality that will allow you to track and visualize the odds movement.

The design now looks a lot more professional and smooth. We are trying to distinguish ourselves from the majority of the betting websites that are heavily advertising bookmakers and provide a little better experience to you. Following this trajectory we have removed the majority of the ads in the odds comparison area. Our goal is to keep the advertisement as minimalistic as possible so we do not distract you from finding the best odds and placing your bet.

The odds movement feature is something we really take pride of, as it allows punters to track and easily visualize how the odds have been moving over a certain period of time. It highlights the odds movement by betting market and participant. You can also choose for which bookmaker you want to see the odds movement. I personally believe the odds movement feature is a great indicator of what is happening on the market and it can help you to assess whether you are placing value bets or not. It is also particularly useful for your preparation for in-play betting.