Hello punters!

One week into 2017, our iGaming technology start-up company has launched Bettingmetrics - an online software that aims to help punters increase their betting profits by aggregating all of their data in one place and translating it into a powerful weapon. It also represents a social hub where punters can exchange information and help each other in the fight for better profits.

The platform was launched in partnership with the London Met Accelerator who helped us with the business development and have been providing mentoring for more than six months.

Bettingmetrics' site is still in its prototype stage. The version we launched includes a betting tracker, interactive dashboard for analysis and a bankroll management tool. All of these are essential enablers for punters to improve their betting performance.

The founders of Bettingmetrics are Slavomir SemovMartin Grozev who have solid experience in service management, software development and betting. Since the inception, we have built a consistent data-driven lean approach to using punters' feedback. This allows us to improve our members' experience and shape the vision for the service.

Moving forward, we are planning some vital API integrations over the next few months with key partners to improve our reach in the online betting community.

Test Bettingmetrics for yourself and let us know what you think.