Betting history – the hidden key to success for every punter

Do you keep track of your betting history? Do you know how you performed last month or the month before that? Do you remember what was the betting odd of that game from 10 days ago and how much did you actually profit from that? Do you remember whether you won or lost 20 bets ago? If the answer to even one of these questions is ‘no’ then you might be looking at betting on the wrong side. Every professional punter knows that betting need to be treated exactly the same way as business. Betting history is the hidden key to their success and every one of them will tell you that keeping track of your betting history and analysing it will help you transform gambling to an investment.

Before placing a bet, many novice players consider only well-known factors, such as basic pre-game statistics, line-ups and some other basic information. Why – because pre-game stats, comments and line-ups are a very common sources available on-line and almost every sports or news website provides them for the reader. But the key to a successful betting career for the novice player or semi-pro punters lays beyond the widespread information and is in their own, personal statistics and betting history. Today, we want to bring your attention to the hot topic – betting history and to show you why it might be considered as the hidden key to success for every pro punter.

The importance of tracking and analyzing your betting history

How to manage your bet history

Betting history - History of all the bets

It doesn’t matter if we talk about betting, crafting and selling handmade toys or working on a full-time job as a shop owner – when looking at them as a business and a way to make money, keeping track of what you do is crucial for your success. Without records and betting history, the punter won’t have simple information, that is actually very important for his future bets. Data like how much money did he made, what were the winning odds, how many bets he did in general and so on. Without this information, the player will simply place his bet in the dark.

Keeping track of the betting history is the foundation for every player, and the next step after recording it is to analyze it. Without the analytical part of this equation, the simple task of keeping track of the betting history will be pointless. Analyzing the betting history helps punters draw conclusions about their performance, their winnings and losses. It also gives them ideas and directions about the areas that need improvement and the ones that are actually working pretty good. By multiplying good practices and detecting weak links and finding a solution to them, the punter outgrows his level and transforms form a novice player to a real pro.

For sure every successful punter knows that betting is like practicing a sport or mastering a certain skill – you are never at your best and even if you are, you must continue working to maintain your level and always strive to improve it. This is where betting history helps pro players – it helps them determine winning patterns in their betting behavior, observe their past performances, carefully track their bankroll and money management.

Keeping track of the betting history and analyzing it will also help every player to develop a better money management strategy, compare the betting odds and closing line odds and determine whether he is adopting value betting approach in his betting strategy. This is particularly important when following and analyzing advice and predictions, received from a tipster. When the player has a detailed betting history, he can observe whether the tipster gave him a prediction with value or not. Having that information available to the punters enables him to predict whether that tipster has an edge over the bookmakers in the long run.

It is very important to track your betting history by yourself because many bookies deliberately don’t share this kind of information with the player, so he won’t be able to analyze his betting history and will just gamble and lose money. This is why we suggest the players to use at least one of the three ways to track and input your betting history – pen and paper, spreadsheet or a professional software. More for every type of bet tracker - read here.

What is the key information that is valuable for the betting history?

The hidden key to succes for every punter - manage your betting history

Betting history - Find where it all began

Pro punters are unanimous about the key points (also referred to as ‘the basics’), that every player needs to track in his betting history:

  • Date of the bet
  • Sport type
  • The market and the type of bet
  • Amount of the bet
  • Odds or spread you got
  • Closing line odds
  • The outcome of the bet.

This is the basic information, that every punter needs to track and now we’re going to look at every one of them separately. The date of the bet is important, so that the player will be able to analyze trends by time and eventually identify whether he is more profitable during the week or weekend when there are more betting events available. Tracking sport types can help you to compare your strategies on different sports and see which one is more reliable – hence you can adjust either the strategy or money management and minimize the risk and maximize the profits. The market and bet type of bet is a crucial element of the betting history, because it shows the player where his quant model, strategy or tipsters performs the best and has a clear edge over the bookmaker. Referring back on a regular basis to this element of the betting history will help every punter to profit in the long run and remove what is not profitable from his betting portfolio. Basic information about the amount of the wager placed shows whether the punter is disciplined and follows certain money management approach. Keeping more detailed financial information is a must for every professional. Tracking the odds in the betting history helps the player compare them with closing line odds and determine whether he has managed to imply value betting. And, of course, the outcome of each bet placed helps to stay on the top of our financial performance see our profit and loos, return on investment and return on capital.

As we already mentioned, these are the basics of betting history and are certainly better than nothing. But for punters, who take betting more seriously and want to profit from it, this information is far from enough, the more detailed record they keep the more informed decision will be making. No matter what, keeping betting history is crucial for the success of every player and we strongly suggest everyone to find the most suitable way to track his betting history.

Additional factors, that need to be tracked in the betting history

The hidden key to succes for every punter - betting history

Betting history - The first bet

In addition to ‘the basics’ there are three more things, that novice players have to consider and record when they