Bet Journal - 06/08/19 - 19/08/19

In the middle of the past week, I decided to change my betting strategy. My move came after deep thinking about my mistakes during this journey. In an attempt to change the winds, I combined 2 weeks of betting in 1 report with the hope to help my tipsters with more time for their advice, and if someone fails to deliver good service initially, to have time to recover. I'm not a big fan of changes, but undoubtedly, sometimes the risk gives results.

As you know, I follow five tipsters, and all of them post their tips at Bettingmetrics, a platform which helps me to operate all my betting activities in one place.

The conditions for betting during the last 2 weeks were favourable thanks to the start of the major football competitions and the presence of many events, and my tipsters did well with more options to bet on.

During those 2 weeks, I had the time to explore a few new bookmakers and open new accounts at their websites to take advantage of some welcome offers. This was possible thanks to the daily updated special page, which Bettingmetrics gives to its customers. I'm happy with the fact that I placed many of my bets with the extra cash which I received from those offers.

The tipsters posted 460 tips last two weeks, and I placed all of them with different stakes, depending on their performance during the betting journey. I’m glad to say that the period was successful and I won £941 with a positive ROI of 6%. My total balance raised to £8920.

Profit&Loss graph 6-19 August:

I analysed thoroughly all of the data and tips thanks to the bunch of tools that Bettingmetrics has in "My betting portfolio'' section. This area is very useful to punters like me as it has instruments to help in taking the needed decisions for my increasing betting profits on a daily basis.

I present you the brief below to give you a good view of what happened during the period between 6-19 August. I bet on interesting games mostly football and tennis, but also my tipsters suggested value tips for cricket and basketball.

KaluGuru causing me a loss of £126 last two weeks with a negative ROI of 2%. He posted 169 tips and won 109 of them. I bet each of his tips with £40 but when I analyzed his performance, I noted that he suggested a lot of winning selections in the low odds range between 1.40-1.70, odds which do not contain value and I have to bet with more than £40 if I want to make some profit.

TennisTipsUK had a poor time during the above mentioned period. He posted 13 tips and won 8 of them. I bet his tips with £50 and this harmed my portfolio with £161 and a negative ROI of 24%. I prefer to bet his value-oriented tips with