Bet Journal - week 9 result update

A week between the win and the loss, unfortunately, ended on the negative side. My profit slipped away but still, I emphasize the journey is long term oriented and weeks with loss are something usual in the betting industry. As you know, with the special software developed by Bettingmetrics I successfully follow, track, analyse and share the results of my journey weekly.

Week 8 of my journey was very successful, but unfortunately, the past week wasn't with the same benefits and weakened my betting bank with £126. In week 9 I placed 168 bets, 91 of them were won but with a negative ROI of 2%.

Profit & Loss graph:

Instead of losing time to track manually my tipsters, I trusted again Bettingmetrics bet tracker which did everything for me. I use the tracker because it saves me time and makes my betting life easier with its betting tools which are perfectly developed for the members of the website. Week by week Bettingmetrics legitimates itself as one of the top leaders in the industry and now has become my favourite place to spend my time when betting, trust me I already tried all of the competitors in this market.

Read the tipsters' performance below for more details about week 9:

Park-Life-Tips takes the lead this week. He posted 38 tips,18 of them were winning. His average odds of 2.80 brings me a weekly profit of £134 with a positive ROI of 12%. Although Park-Life-TIps had a few weeks in a row with negative suggestions, this week he affirmed that he possesses the needed skills to be part of this journey and I'm sure he is a dab hand in the betting. Thanks to Bettingmetrics analytics I can see that PLT mostly wins his tips in the odds range between 3.20-4.20 which assures me that he is value-oriented.

The past week wasn't profitable for one of my favourite tipsters KaluGuru. He advised 76 tips and won 45 of them. He generated a weekly loss of £48 with a negative ROI of 1.5%. His hit rate again is high - 59% but his odds are always low which will hardly lead me towards my end goal to make money from betting. Soon the football season starts and I'm hopeful KaluGuru will change his betting strategy or at least increase his hit rate

The recently added tipster Bobbie2006 posted 50 tips last week. He lost 19 of them which generated a weekly loss of £193 with a negative ROI of 9%. I analysed his performance last week thanks to Bettingmetrics and as he said in his description the guy is very football oriented. All of his tips are on the most popular sport and he mostly won his tips in the major market 1x2. His losing side is the Asian handicap where he lost 6 of 11 of his tips. Generally, I see very good daily activity and well-prepared tips which gives me the confidence Bobbie2006 will bring good times for this journey.

TennisTipsUK advised only 3 tips last week. He won 2 of them which brings me a weekly profit of £19 with a positive ROI of 15%. His tennis knowledge is always a good opportunity if you want to place a bet on this sport.

Of course, it would be great if TennisTipsUK is more active but still, he possesses great value tips which makes me happy when he posts.

gerry5 posted only 1 tip last week. He lost the tip and generated a weekly loss of £39 with a negative ROI of 100%. He was added in this journey with the desire to be one of our profitable tipsters based on his performance at Bettingmetrics. Unfortunately, the summer is not great for him and his low activity padded with often lost tips is not the best way for me to make money. I will give him one more week and if he is still in the same position I will rethink his participation in the journey.

Week 9 generated me a weekly loss of £126 with a negative ROI of 2%. I am still concentrated to do what I'm here for, namely to win from betting. My entire betting bank now is £8419.I'm pretty dedicated to this journey and my goal to double the amount which I stared.

See you next week.

Bet outcome graph:

Stats Summary for week 9

Total bet amount: £6418

Profit/Loss: -£126

ROI: -2%

Bets Placed: 168

Won: 91

Lost: 69

Push: 5

Half Lost: 3

Winning: 54%

Average Odds: 2.00

Average Win odds: 1.78

Average Losing odds: 2.20

Average Bet size: £38

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