Bet Journal - week 6 result update

The betting discipline means to keep your faith and focus on your end goal. Nevertheless, if you detect something wrong in your approach you can always change it even entirely for your future profit. I emphasize, the change, of course, should come with a calculated risk of what will happen and what you can afford as a change.

My name is Anthony, as you already know and I am making an attempt to help others to make money from betting with the help of Bettingmetrics.

I have created my betting journal using Bettingmetrics platform as it caters all my needs. I use the software to track, analyse and optimise my performance as well as deliver weekly performance updates. Furthermore, I am using their marketplace to source tipsters and adjust my betting portfolio if needed.

Last week, I mentioned that I intend to use a 2% flat stake from the betting banks, I have assigned to each tipster. Keep in mind this decision is only recommendation and you are not obligated to do it because I'm sure everyone who reads this journey has their own bank with their own money strategy which they follow.

Just a reminder my portfolio is long term orientated and I will reveal weekly the results and performance of each tipster. My portfolio this week, as every other past week, consists of 5 tipsters, every one of them is verified by Bettingmetrics such as someone who not only posts tips for quantity but also quality. All tipsters show long-term approach which is based on mathematical decisions, calculated risks and knowledge about sports and sports betting.


This week was again negative for me and my portfolio. I placed 102 tips and lost 49 of them which generated me a weekly loss of  £324 with a negative ROI of 8%. First of July is the start of the legendary tennis tournaments Wimbledon and I'm confident the summer hole of events will be filled and the tipsters I'm trusted for will have the chance to show the world their skills and knowledge.

TIpsters performance graph: