Bet Journal - week 4 result update

One more week is behind us, my name is Anthony and I'm happy to present the fourth-week report of our betting journey. I use Bettingmetrics platform to Build my betting portfolio -find and follow tipsters , track, analyse, and report my results

With my experience in the iGaming sector, my ultimate target for this journey is to be profitable in the long run bu following the advices of betting tipsters. The starting amount of my betting portfolio is £9k and the goal is to double the amount in 12 months!

In my previous report, I mentioned that in the betting industry a single profitable or losing week is not something extraordinary and it does not have to influence our long term betting strategy. If you lose some money for a week or two, do not think that this will be permanent. The same is true for the profit. The right strategy (at least for me) is achieving the initial goal at the end of the journey, without focusing very much on the weekly results.

My current portfolio consists of 5 tipsters. Last week I generated a profit of £53 and decided to increase the stakes for 3 of my tipsters - KaluGuru, Park-Life-Tips and Drazen. I am currently using extremely small stakes for all the tipsters i am following and therefore i am not making the most of my betting capital. I will be adjusting stakes gradually and should have in place the optimal stakes size in place for the beginning of the new football season.

For this week, I generated a weekly loss of £134. In week 4 I have placed only 72 bets, probably because most of the major leagues are in a summer break and the tipsters have limited choices of events. The total turnover in week 4 was £1225 with negative ROI of 11%. My current betting portfolio balance is £9,744.

Listed below you can see the performance of each tipster last week:

Firstly, the new tipster in my portfolio gerry5 has suggested 6 tips, 4 of which were winning. The horse racing is gerry5's favourite sport and all of his tips were on horse races. He generated a weekly profit of £6 with a positive ROI of 20%. His average betting odds are around 4.50 which suggest high variance and potentially high ROI if everything goes according to plan.

KaluGuru posted 19 tips,17 of which have won. He did well even in this quiet period of the year and made a profit of £76 with positive ROI of 21%. So far KaluGuru has shown some good betting knowledge and the impression is that he knows his stuff. His average odds this week were around 1.30 lower than in previous weeks. KaluGuru is really interesting tipster to follow as it is extremely difficult to find value in such small odds ranges. I am really curious to see how consistent he will be with his results.

Park-Life-Tips suggested 37 tips, 23 of which were losing. His tips brought me a weekly loss of £204 with negative ROI of 27%. The tips advised by him were in the odds range between 1.40-2.00,. This is the biggest weekly loss that I have encountered while following him. In overall the portfolio is at loss because of the negative results produced by Part-Life-TIps this week.

TennisTipsUK , who is well-known for his tennis knowledge, posted 6 tips this week. 4 of them won and this generated a weekly profit of £9 with a positive ROI of 17%.

The last tipster in my portfolio is Drazen . He has suggested only 4 tips and lost 3 of them. This week he made a weekly loss of £22 with negative ROI of 55%.

This week my overall betting performance made me a loss of £134 with negative ROI of 11%.

During my first month with the current betting portfolio, I have lost £350 with negative ROI of 6%. However, I am not worried because I know times are changing, and past month won't demotivate me, on the contrary, it encourages me to continue pursuing my long-term goal.

Stats Summary for week 4

Total bet amount: £1225

Profit/Loss: -£134.

ROI: -11%

Bets Placed: 72

Won: 38

Lost: 33

Push: 1

Winning: 52.8%

Average Odds: 2.40

Average Win odds: 1.79

Average Losing odds: 3.18

Average Bet size: £ 17

Week 4 performance:

Week 4 profit and loss chart

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