Bet Journal - week 2 result update

What a second week it started quite well and then a few loosing bets towards the end of the week resulting in a negative week. 

I am  Anthony an iGaming professional who wants to help other betting enthusiasts to make money from sports betting. My betting portfolio is worth £10k and my ultimate goal is to double the amount within 12 months. I will use Bettingmetrisc platform to choose tipsters to add to my portfolio, track, analyse and report my results. 

I have started 2 weeks ago and it is about time for my weekly portfolio updates. 

As of now my betting portfolio consist of 5 tipsters. The first week of following this set of tipsters was not positive and i lost  £192.

Currently, I’m still in a negative position after week 2. This week I generate a weekly loss of £100. In week 2 I placed 146 bets on 3 sports: tennis, football and cricket, I generated a turnover of £1362 with a negative ROI of 7%. My current betting portfolio balance is £9784 effectively meaning that lost 2.16% of my entire betting bank. 

Now, I will briefly observe the performance of each tipster individually.

As we all know most of the European football is off for the summer break so some of the tipster i ma following will most likely take a little breakAlcuni did not post any tips this week. I presume he will be quite during the summer so if he remains under the radar for one or two more weeks i will most likely replace him from my betting portfolio. I am a fan of diversification so I would not like to have a portfolio with less than 5 active tipsters. 

KaluGuru was again extremely active during week 2. He advised me for 68 tips last week. I won 50 of them.  He made a profit of £39 with a positive ROI of 5.8%. With average guided odds of 1.40. As of now it seems that he is not  that much into value betting. It seems that KaluGuru has good knowledge about the sports and I added him as i want to test whether we can actually make money from placing bets that in my opinion are not value bets. 

KaluGuru ROI performance:

Park-Life-Tips tipster advised me 66 tips. His negative series continued with 41 lost bets, £140 weekly loss and negative ROI of 23%. His average odds around 2.30 generally are good for profit. You can check his performance from the graph below.