A better product for a brighter future - introducing event center, stats in odds comparison and tipster achievements!

It has been almost two months since our last product updates article, but as in most of the cases we have not relaxed but rather worked really hard on adding more functionalities that have been requested by our customers. We have also fixed numerous bugs and improved the loading speed of the site.

Bettingmetrics odds comparison

Our odds comparison is extremely important feature as it instantly adds value to our users by allowing them to place their bets with the best possible odds on the market. Not only that but punters betting directly via our odds comparison have their bets automatically tracked and therefore save tone of time.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share what we have improved so we can make your life easier. Very first of all we have added statistics to our event view so you can make informed betting decisions. Once you clicked the “see more odds” button you will be taken to the game center an area where you will be able to see odds from all the bookmakers we are working with. 

Under the odds you will see our new statistics feature. We have packed the most interesting stats for you, crunched the numbers and provided you with some highlight which you can use to improve your betting stats. You can analyse head to head stats, their last 5 games performance, all sort of stats related to goals, corners, fouls, cards, shots and much more. 

In addition to the above feature we added one more bookmaker to our odds comparison – Tony Bet. Tony Bet are relatively new bookmaker to the UK market but they have the ambition to become one of the market leaders. They cover plenty of events and the odds are quite competitive as well as accept relatively high stakes. We have fully reviewed Tony Bet so if you are curious to find out more about them feel welcome to read our review.

Last but not least we have improved further our in-house developed matching algorithm allowing us to show odds for more events. For the new European season we will be covering 200% events in comparison to the last years so some serious progress have been achieved. We will also be adding more sports very soon as of now you can compare odds for Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball and Cricket.


Bettingmetrics Football Predictions

Our ultimate goal is to help the punter make more informed betting decision by aggregating and crunching as much data as possible. We already received plenty of positive feedback for our football predications model. Nevertheless, we know that there are many bits and bobs to be improved in order to be more useful for the end users.

You will notice two buttons at the bottom of each football prediction, one called “more predictions” and the other “view more stats”. The more predictions area is designed to show you various betting opportunities on more than one betting market and therefore facilitate your betting choice. As usual all betting predictions shown will be backed by stats and statistically speaking you will be betting on the right side. However as we all know stats sometimes may not be enough to place one or two wining bets, but betting with the stats in your favor sooner or later you will most likely be on profit.

The other button called view more stats will bring you to another page where you will be able to find pretty much any stats you need for this event. All statistics are well organized, the numbers are crunched and then presented to you in an easy to read and understand manner.

Introducing Tipster Achievements

It is not a secret that here at Bettingmetrics we are committed to excellence and everything we do, we do it with the customer in mind. Choosing and following a tipster is not an easy task and it can actually be very tricky for some people new to sports betting. Bettingmetrics market place is an excellent place to start your search for a tipster as all the tips published are fully verified by our automated algorithm. Nonetheless, we know how difficult it could be to trust someone with your money.

This is why we are happy to introduce the Bettingmetrics Tipster Achievement system which is equally beneficial for both tipsters and people who want to follow them.

Our Tipster achievement system is designed to test the tipster knowledge and expertise with all sorts of challenges. Each time a certain tipster accomplishes a task he is rewarded with points. The points he receives are dependent on the difficulty of the task. Once he reaches a certain amount of points we reward him with Ranks. The ranks range from 1 to 7 – one requiring least tasks to be accomplished and seven being the hardest to get.