Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have problem with logging in my account, what do I do?
A1. Please contact us at

Q2. How much money can I earn with Bettingmetrics Affiliate program?
A2. Really that depends on how hard you are willing to work. There are no limits to your earnings – the more traffic you generate the more money you can make!

Q3. Would you notify me if there is new promotion available to me?
A3. Yes we will send you an email with the latest updates or new features related to your affiliate account.

Q4. What happens if I do not refer any customers for 3 months in a row?
A4. Your Bettignmertics affiliate account will be deactivated automatically. However, as we rely on business partners we realise that everyone can have ups and downs. Please contact us at and our affiliate team will check personally your case.

Q5. Will I continue being paid if my Bettingmetrics affiliate accounts is deactivated?
A5. No, we will not proceed ahead with any future payments.

Q6. Will I get paid my old commission if my account is deactivated and then activated again in the future?
A6. No, you are not going to get paid any commission for the past months while your Bettingmetrics affiliate account was inactive. You will only get paid commission earned after your account has been activated again.

Q7. Are there any specific terms and conditions that apply?
A7. Yes by becoming an affiliate partner of Bettingmetrics you agree with our terms and conditions which you can read [here](/affiliate/terms).

Q8. If I have more than one website do I need separate accounts for each website?
A8. Nope, you can use one affiliate account for all of your sites. You can also use the same unique links and promotion codes.

Q9. How many affiliate accounts can I have?
A9. All Bettingmetrics affiliate partners are restricted to have one account only!

Q10. Are there different commission structures?
A10. No, as of now we only offer 25% on all revenues generated. Bettingmetrics affiliate program is relatively new so we may add more options in the future.

Q11. How do I get paid?
A11. When you are opening your account you can choose between 3 payment methods. Skrill, PayPal, or Bank transfer. We will send you the money at the end of each month. You can also request manual payment at the end of each week. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact our affiliate team at

Q12. How do I change my registered affiliate email or password?
A12. Please contact us at

Q13. Do you have an affiliate structure for sub-affiliates?
A13. Currently we do not have an affiliate program for sub affiliates.

Q14. You have not answered my question here what do I do?
Q14. Please contact us at and we will try to reply as soon as possible.